Who We Are Welcome to Lagos State Development & Property Corporation.

LSDPC is the foremost property company and the best among other property companies or corporations in Lagos and the Real Estate Sector of Nigerian Economy.
Since 1972, LSDPC has been known for the development and sale of affordable residential properties (houses) and shopping malls(shops). We are also into rentals, lease and consultancy services.
On this site, you will learn and discover everything you may want to know about our Corporation.

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Vision Statement

To be the Real Estate Provider of Choice in Africa

Mission Statement

Creating Sustainable Real Estate Solutions.
Ensuring Strong Maintenance Culture.
Promoting Highest Standard of Professionalism.
Satisfying and Retaining our People, Customers and other Stakeholders.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Focus
  • Integrity
  • Team Spirit
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency

Our History

  • 1928


    Provision of Modern housing Schemes
    The provision of modern housing schemes and the transformation of slums and ghettos in Lagos dates back to 1928 when Lagos Executive Development Board (L.E.D.B.) was inaugurated. Amongst other things, L.E.D.B. was charged primarily with the task of getting rid of filth and unhealthy living conditions which existed then in Lagos. The Board was also to transform slum areas and ghettos into planned and habitable communities.
  • 1972


    Creation of LSDPC
    Consequently, in 1972, the Lagos Executive Development Board (L.E.D.B.), Ikeja Area Planning Authority (I.A.P.A.), and Epe Town Planning Authority (E.T.P.A.), metamorphosed into what is now known as Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (L.S.D.P.C). The L.S.D.P.C. Edict No. 1 of 1972 bestowed legality on this metamorphosis
  • 1978


    Transfer of Power of Control
    Upon its creation in 1972, L.S.D.P.C. which inherited the liabilities and assets of its three predecessors was completely divested of all their development control powers. These were transferred to the Lagos State Ministry of Works and Planning (L.S.M.W.P.), which became responsible for planning and development control throughout the State. But after much persuasion, the power to control development on its estates was transferred back to L.S.D.P.C. in 1978.
  • 2006


    LSDPC Becomes fully commercialized by Law
    Under the present arrangement; the Corporation has a fully commercialized status with a Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer at the helm of affairs. There is provision for a Board with specifications as to those qualified to be members. The current legal instrument governing the operations of the Corporation is the laws of Lagos State 2003 Cap L19 as amended by the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (Amendment) Law 2006 The enabling edict of the Corporation has already set out its functions as that of providing housing for both residential as well as business/commercial purposes and also ensuring the maintenance of same.
  • 2017


    Enterprise Transformation Programme (Project Eagle)
    Given this new orientation, the Corporation in 2017* under the administration of Mr Babajide Sanwoolu embarked upon an enterprise transformation programme tagged Project Eagle. This is aimed at positioning the Corporation to function effectively as a commercial entity unfettered by the bureaucracy of the civil service. This in turn will enable the Corporation compete favourably with its peers in the real estate sector and ultimately retain its position as the leading market player

What We Do


Our Professional guide to selling properties is second to none and has placed us in a leading position since the last 50 years.


We let and maintain medium luxury and low density residential properties and commercial complexes. We are also known for the development and sale of affordable residential properties (houses) and shopping malls(shops) in Lagos State. Our records speaks for us.


We acquire, build, lease and sell properties with a view to providing affordable housing and business accomodation


We engage in joint ventures where partners finance projects and we provide the land, supervision, marketing, as well as corporate goodwill.


We mobilize our internal resources to conceive projects and execute them via reputable contractors under the supervision of our crop of experienced professionals.

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