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Please note that all potential applicants are hereby advised to pay the sum of  ₦25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira Only) before filling this form, being the mandatory pre-access fee for LSDPC properties, as this remains the only condition to review users form submission/Application. Thank you

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For Corporate Buyers Only

1(A) We agree that the acceptance of this application does not guarantee that the corporation will offer me/us a House/Flat, and that the corporation may reject the application without giving any reason for doing so.
(B) I/We agree that if i am/we are offered a House/Flat and accept the offer, I/We may be required to settle the balance due within the stipulated number of days as may be contained in the letter of offer.
(C)I/We agree that in the event of my/our not complying with these conditions the allocation maybe withdrawn from me/us without notice, or if a conveyance has been executed, legal action may be taken against me/us to enhance surrender of the Flat.
(D) The corporation is at liberty to verify the correctness of the information given here.
i) Completed Application Form must be returned with a 25% minimum refundable deposit.
ii) Other conditions of home ownership and assignment or subleasing on the corporation's estate are to apply